Savour the unique flavours of tea with nftea

mint your one-of-a-kind tea nft item

once you brew your nft

you cannot change it

Pick up to 2 primary ingredients

Pick up to 5 secondary ingredients


Would you like to buy some tea to support our Turkish friends?

NFTea project was created when Flying Fish Tea Co. came to soonami with the idea of raising funds for those in need through the power of NFTs. soonami decided to make this a VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION mint, every little contribution helps victims of the earthquakes in Turkey. We launched this project using Polygon, which decreased fees for this mint from 10$ to a few cents, you can use the saved amount to make a difference! All of the tokens are going directly to TurkeyReliefDAO more information about the process can be found here..


Due to the recent event in Turkey, we decided to open contribution pool.

* this is a voluntary contribution, all of the MATIC will be sent to this address automatically: 0xbe4cde5eeeed1f0a97a9457f6ef5b71eae108652

* you can find your txn here

*you can find more information here


Transaction has been sent successfuly, waiting for the mint


Congrats, it is in your wallet!